Key Service Benefits

Our trains run at speeds up to 125mph across much of the network. On some parts of the network the average speed between centres is above 90mph

Departures can be anything as frequent as every 15 minutes: if your consignment misses one train it’s just a short gap to the next one and it’s on its way

All consignments are carried in conjunction with the Department for Transport’s strict security protocols – from collection through to delivery we know exactly where everything is at all times and whilst on the train it is carried in a highly secure locker

Trains are up to 76% cleaner than road transport. We use passenger trains which are running anyway, so switching to our rail services means taking vans off the road. Our first and last mile operations are undertaken using zero emission vehicles

We’ve proven ourselves to be anything up to 35% cheaper than road-based same day couriers. In addition we offer discounts for multiple movements and frequent shippers

We pick up, we load your consignment to the next train and upon arrival at the terminal station, we deliver straight away. No “round the houses” – DIRECT and in the shortest possible time.

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